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Multi Color Blinky Deluxe LED Firework - Single

  • 300

Safer than real fireworks and can be used over an over!

These are our NEW Multi Color Blinky Models.  The LED Lights change multiple colors while flying.  They look like a light show in the air.  

LED Fireworks are Reusable, High-Quality, LED Slingshot Firework Toys that are battery operated for hour and hours of enjoyment.  They are strong and fun. They have very strong wings, a high quality launching stick, and a strong rubber band for very high flights.

  • Assorted colors: Orange, Yellow, and Green
  • Each LED Firework has its own Launcher, Rubber Band and battery.
  • Shipped from USA.
  • For orders over 50 Units contact LED Fireworks directly by emailing us at

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